2014 Best Conference Paper Award



Author, Aditya Kulkarni is presented award by Technical Chairman, Tomas Chavez.  
Not pictured:  Advisor Dr. Kurt Kosbar, Missouri University of Science and Technology.

“Performance Analysis of Zero Forcing and Minimum Mean Square Error Equalizers on Multiple Input Multiple Output System on a Spinning Vehicle”


2014 Lawrence Rauch Award for Standards


Sponsored by TSCC


Brad Fleury, TSCC Chairman, holds award for Authro Alan Cooke which was presented later.

“History and Evolution of Metadata Standards for the FTI Community”



2014 Myron Hiram Nichols Award for Telemetry Spectrum


Sponsored by ICTS

Mikel Ryan, ICTS Chairman, presents award to Authros, Steven Musteric and Nathan King.

“Tri-Service C-Band Roadmap Study (TSCRS) Findings and Way Ahead"


2014 Graduate Student Paper


First Place Graudate Student Paper



Author, Yafei Sun and advisor Dr. Deva Borah receive award from Cliff Aggen. 

New Mexico State University

“Generalized Spatial Modulation with Correlated Antennas in Rayleigh Fa Channels”



Second Place Graduate Student Paper


Author, Xiaoju Yu with Advisor, Hao Xin and presenter Cliff Aggen.

University of Arizona

"Direction of Arrival Estimation of Broadband Signal Using Single Antenna”



2014 Undergraduate Student Paper


First Place Undergraduate Student Paper Award


Author Tyler Morrow and Advisor Kurt Kosbar presented award by Cliff Aggen.

Missouri University of Sciene and Technology

“A Modular and Extensible User Interface for the Telemetry and Control of  a Remotely Operated Vehicle”



Second Place Undergraduate Student Paper


Advisor Dr. Michael Marcellin and Presenter Cliff Aggen pictured with Authors, Connor O'Brien, Brianne Noriega, and Auni Kundu.  

Not pictured:  Authors, Corey Speros and Dawei Ju and Advisor Dr. Kathleen Melde.


University of Arizona


“Time Difference of Arrival for Small Mammal Tracking System”







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