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Lee Eccles (left) is presented the Pioneer Award by J. William Rymer, International Foundation for Telemetering Board President.

Lee Eccles

The Boeing Company


For almost 50 years, Mr. Lee Eccles has been central to the advancement of commercial flight test, with particular focus on flight test telemetry.  During his nearly 50 years with the Boeing Company, he has worked with flight test data acquisition systems for every Boeing commercial airplane except the original 707.
He has led the development, implementation, and use of the first fully network-based data acquisition system deployed in support of commercial flight test.  His contributions beyond Boeing include leadership in standards development as Chair of the TSCC, on working groups of the IEEE and Tech Editor for 2 IEEE smart transducer standards.
He has authored papers, chaired sessions, and held leadership positions in the development of IEEE standards, participated with the Ranger commander's Council, and lent expertise to the development of network data systems to the Integrated Network Enhanced Telemetry (iNET) standards.




2011 Lawrence Rauch Award for Standards


Sponsored by TSCC


(L-R)  TSCC Chair, Steve Nicolo, Tim Darr (Edwards AFB), Jon Hamilton (Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.) and Ronald Fernandes (Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.)

Paper:  "Design Considerations for XML-Based T&E Standards"



2011 Nichols Award for Telemetry Spectrum


Sponsored by ICTS


(L-R)  ITCS Chair, Mikel Ryan, Grant Gerstner, and Hans Lillevold, Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Patuxent River, MD.

Paper:  "Spectrum Stewardship Through Best Source Selection"



2011 Best Conference Paper Award




(L-R)  Arnaud Gueguen and David Auvray

Zodiac Data Systems SAS

Bretteville L'Orgueilleuse, France

Paper:  Multipath Mitigation on an Operational Telemetry Link


2011 Graduate Student Paper


First Place Graudate Student Paper




(Front L-R)  Justin P. Rohrer, Truc Anh N. Nguyen, and Kamakshi Sirisha Pathapati

(Back L-R)  Clifford Aggen, Studen Paper Chair and James P.G. Sterbenz, Faculty Advisor, The University of Kansas



Paper:  "Performance Analysis of the AeroTP Transport Protocol for Highly-Dynamic Airborne Telemetry Networks"



Second Place Graduate Student Paper




(L-R)  Clifford Aggen, Student Paper Chair, and Michael Lee


Not shown:  Faculty Advisors:  Hua Lee, University of California Santa Barbara and Warren Grundfest, University of California  Los Angeles.



Paper:  "Image Reconstruction and Resolution Enhancement Algorithm for FMCW Medical Ultrasound Imaging Systems"



2011 Undergraduate Student Paper


First Place Undergraduate Student Paper Award




(L-R)  Clifford Aggen, Student Paper Chair and Alex Cook


Not shown:  Gregory Kissinger and Dr. Kurt Kosbar, Faculty Advisor, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, MO.



Paper:  "Using COTS Graphics Processing Units in Signal Analysis Workstation"



Second Place Undergraduate Student Paper




(L-R)  Clifford Aggen, Student Paper Chair, Hans Hony, James Dianics, Elliot Liggett, Malcolm Gibson, and Dr. Hermann Fasel, Faculty Advisor, The University of Arizona


Not shown:  Jun Li, Michael Palmer, Christopher Poole, James Powell, Joshua Tolliver, and Dimitri Ververelli.



Paper:  "Machine Vision and Autonomous Integration for an Unmanned Aircraft System"







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